Association Degree in Nursing Program Admission Requirements

All admission requirements must be complete or in progress in order to apply to the Nursing Program.

Course Requirements

  • A grade of C or better is required for all general education and support courses:
    • BIO 255,
    • BIO 263 and 264,
    • ENG 151,
    • HCE 110,
    • HCE 111,
    • HFE 250,
    • PHI 251 or PHI 252,
    • PSY 151,
    • PSY 250,
    • and SPE 151 (or equivalent courses).
  • BIO 263 and 264 (or equivalent) must have been completed within five years of acceptance into the nursing program.
  • CHM 164 or an equivalent must be completed if high school chemistry was either not taken or taken more than five years ago. Grade of C or better required in CHM 164 and B or better in high school chemistry.
  • The cumulative GPA for general education and support courses must equal 2.5 or better.
  • MAT 079 or MAT 099 or a college algebra course with a C or better or placement into MAT 161 on the Math Placement Exam is required.

Other Requirements

If you have questions about how to meet these requirements, please contact an advisor.