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See for yourself how we’re bridging classrooms and careers!

Apprenticeships bring the classroom and the career together, combining job-related credit courses with structured on-the-job training. The goal for apprenticeship programs is to provide workers with advanced skill sets that meet the specific needs of local employers using a flexible learning approach. Apprentices develop their knowledge and skills in the classroom and on the job site with a mentor as they become an industry professional.

Want to graduate with no debt and a high-skills job? Earn while you learn through the apprenticeship program at MCC.

With a Registered Apprenticeship, you’ll build your knowledge and skills both in the classroom and on-site with a company mentor. You’ll be getting salary and benefits plus paid tuition as you benefit from a comprehensive training program that combines job-related credit courses with structured on-the-job training.

As an apprentice, you'll

  • start working from day one with incremental wage increases as skills increase
  • be sponsored by an employer who pays the tuition
  • earn a stackable certificate and industry certifications upon completing the program
  • graduate with no college debt

Apprenticeship Program scheduling is arranged to avoid any potential conflicts between class time and time on the job. Part of the time each semester is dedicated to coursework at MCC and the remaining time is spent in on-the-job training with a company mentor.

The Apprenticeship Program is available for certificate programs in:

Let us know you're interested! Download and complete the student interest form. Print it out and mail it to Evelyn Seiler, McHenry County College, 8900 U.S. Highway 14, Crystal Lake, IL 60012.