CNC is used in metals, wood and plastics fabrication throughout McHenry County.

Earn your CNC Machining Certificate and learn skills that are directly applicable in the operation of computer-controlled machines performing one or more machine functions on metal or plastic work pieces. Become familiar with CNC programming using G codes and conversational programming.

The courses in this Fast Track program are arranged in a sequence that provides optimal learning opportunities. You're required to follow the integrated program sequence.

Total Cost of CNC Machining Certificate

(in-district) Total Amount: $2,870.00

Credit Hours to Complete: 18

Weeks to Complete: 64

CNC Machining Certificate Requirements

What makes MCC's CNC Machining Certificate program better than or distinct from similar programs at other institutions?

In addition to the CNC Machining Certificate, we offer:

What you need to know about getting your CNC Machining Certificate (CIP 15.0411 )

Total CNC Machining Certificate Costs
  in-district out-of-district out-of-state international
Tuition $1,980.00 $6,969.00 $8,459.00 $8,459.00
Additional CNC Machining Certificate Costs $890.00 $890.00 $890.00 $890.00
Program Total $2,870.00 $7,859.00 $9,349.00 $9,349.00


What job opportunities are available to someone with a CNC Machining Certificate?

  • CNC Operator
  • CNC Machinist
  • CNC Lathe Operator
  • CNC Mill Operator
  • CNC Set Up Technician
Occupations that CNC Machining Certificate prepares you for
Occupation and Occupational Profile Link SOC Code
Computer Numerically Controlled Machine Tool Programmers, Metal and Plastic 51-4012
Computer-Controlled Machine Tool Operators, Metal and Plastic 51-4011

How will MCC's CNC Machining Certificate program prepare me for my career or connect me to opportunities?

By the Numbers:

  • Salary Range:
  • Job Outlook:

What have graduates gone on to do?

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