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Today realizing the American dream is dependent upon some sort of education beyond high school. In order to become college- and career-ready, you need to understand your options and preparing accordingly.

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Craig Arnold

MCC prepared me for my career in automotive by not only giving me the book knowledge I needed to be successful, but also allowing me enough time to be in the lab, where I gained experience within the industry by using the tools and working on vehicles that are commonplace in today's market segment.

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We encourage MCC students to participate in our many programs geared to help them succeed in college including New-Student Orientation, Convocation, and MCC101.


According to Georgetown University study projections, approximately two-thirds of U.S. jobs will require some postsecondary education and training by 2018. Fourteen million of those jobs will be in the middle-skill occupations, filled by workers with an associate's degree or occupational certificate.

Politicians, Business Leaders Ask High Schoolers to Consider Community College

An associate degree from a two-year technical program may be the quickest route for recent high school graduates to enter a stable, lucrative career field. It may also be the only way to keep up with workforce demands, said President Obama.