Copyright Infringement Complaint Process

Notifying the McHenry County College Designated Agent for online service provider complaints / Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) complaints

The McHenry County College designated agent to respond to allegations of copyright infringement on the part of individuals at McHenry County College, in accordance with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, is identified below, along with contact information.

The act requires the complainant to include certain information in a complaint, and providing that information in the initial contact may help speed resolution of the complaint.

The Designated Agent for DMCA complaints is:
Vice President for Learning and Student Support Services
McHenry County College
8900 US Route 14
Crystal Lake, Il 60012

Complaint Notice Procedures for Copyright Owners

A notice of alleged copyright infringement to the Designated Agent concerning information residing on the College’s systems or networks at the direction of the user must contain the following: