Scholarship Opportunities for McHenry County College students

MCC is currently offering two scholarships worth 60 credit hours. See Presidential Talent Scholarship and Founding Faculty Scholarship details and applications. Application deadline is Friday, February 12.

Fall 2016 scholarship applications are due Tuesday, May 31 (or postmarked by May 31), in the Friends of MCC Foundation Office, A209




Community Service

Construction, Engineering and Manufacturing

Criminal Justice


Cultural Diversity


Education/Early Childhood Education

Fire Science/EMT

First Generation



Graphic Arts

Horticulture/Plant Science



Manufacturing or Manufacturing Engineering



Occupational Therapy


Special Needs

STEM-science, technology, engineering and math


Women in College

Frequently Asked Questions

NOTE: You must print the online application out, sign, and return it to the Friends of MCC Foundation, you cannot submit the form online.

  • Can I hand write the scholarship application?

    The scholarship form should be filled in online, printed out, signed, and sent to the Friends of MCC Foundation along with any other required information requested. Visit the student center, computer lab or library for Internet access.

  • Can I submit my high school GPA?

    Only high school seniors and first semester MCC students can submit their high school GPA where applicable. Returning MCC students must submit their cumulative MCC GPA. Transfer students must submit their college transcripts.

  • Do I have to play a sport at MCC to qualify for an athletic scholarship?

    Any district, community, high school or college sport, including teams and leagues, will qualify you for an athletic scholarship.

Please remember...

  • Scholarship applications will be reviewed by judges. Punctuation, content and form will count!
  • Include all of the requested information with the scholarship application. Do not send materials separately.
  • Unused scholarships are not rolled over to the next semester. Scholarships are for the semester awarded, unless stated otherwise. Students need to reapply for the scholarship each semester.
  • Scholarships do not apply to summer semesters!
  • Remember to sign your application!

All materials submitted become the property of MCC and are not returnable. Applications will not be returned to students for additional documentation, alteration or completion of any nature. The MCC staff will not add, alter or complete an application on behalf of a student and all materials will be submitted to the selection committee "as is." MCC reserves the right to revoke/remove scholarship postings.

For more information, please call (815) 455-8721 or visit the Friends of MCC Foundation in A209.

See the financial aid pages for other scholarship opportunities and scholarship search resources »

Scholarship Recipients

CarolEtienneJohn, Scholarship recipient
MCC McClain Nursing Scholarship recipient, Carol Etienne-John says, "Nursing school is intense, with this scholarship, I don't have to worry about money for school. The stress of tuition has been erased."

Evelyn Singh, Scholarship recipient
MCC McClain Nursing Scholarship recipient, Evelyn Singh says, "This scholarship was the best present ever. It helps me to be able to focus on studies and not worry about how to pay for school. If I didn't receive the scholarship, I would've had to take out loans."

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