Engineering Student Finds Success at IIT

Svetlana Taylor

Svetlana Taylor of Woodstock returned to college when her two children were in grade school. With a music degree from her native Russia that translated to an associate degree here in the U.S., she decided to study engineering because of the high-demand job market.

She graduated from MCC in May 2014 with her Associate in Applied Science in Engineering Technology degree and transferred to IIT, where she currently studies chemical engineering with a specialty in environmental engineering. Svetlana plans on graduating in May 2017 and hopes to work in a wastewater treatment field.

"I like engineering because it involves a lot of problem-solving and deals with very practical systems. I feel like I'm doing something real—you learn how to build actual processes used in manufacturing and processing plants with the knowledge you get in class. And there are many different ways of doing that. This excites me. There are many new things happening in the field of wastewater treatment, such as using waste to produce energy."

"I had a good experience at MCC. It is a great way to save on college costs. I got a good foundation in calculus, chemistry, physics and I did not feel I was missing anything when I transferred to IIT. Dr. Steve Socol helped me a lot by making sure the classes fit my schedule and encouraging me. The process to transfer from MCC to IIT was painless for me."

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