Officer Danielle Stevens

Danielle Stevens

Officer Danielle Stevens began her career in law enforcement in 2005 and has worked at the McHenry County College Police Department since 2015.

Fewer than 20% of her graduating police academy class were women.

She earned an Associate of Arts Degree from William Rainey Harper College, and a Bachelor of Arts Degree in History with a concentration in Pre-Law, from DePaul University. She became a police officer to make a positive impact in the community.

Officer Stevens has held a variety of positions throughout her career including Patrol Officer, Crime Prevention Officer, School Resource Officer, and Supervisor. She received the Illinois Crime Prevention Officer of the Year Award in 2011 in recognition of her excellence in crime prevention and community safety education. That same year, she was awarded the Cook County Sheriff’s Award of Merit for consistently performing beyond the call of duty and displaying an outstanding attitude, public service, and professionalism.

Officer Stevens continues to demonstrate leadership in the law enforcement community. In addition to her patrol duties, she teaches classes on Campus Safety, Women’s Self Defense, Preventing Sexual Misconduct, and is trained and certified in Crisis Intervention for mental health incidents.

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