Thank you for your investment in my future

Matt Knoll

My name is Matt Knoll. I am a husband, a father of three, an IT professional who is gainfully
employed at a nearby high school, and an MCC graduate. While I don’t know the names of those
who paid for my college tuition, I am extremely grateful for their sacrifice. Thank you for your
investment in my future.

I began fatherhood at a young age. I knew that working multiple part-time jobs to make ends
meet was not going to be a realistic option in raising my family over the long haul. I first read
about the Promise Program in the Northwest Herald. I knew that I would need some form of
college education to prove to potential employers that I was passionate and knowledgeable in
the field. After earning my AAS in Applied Science (Network Security) and getting my CompTIA
A+ certification, I was almost immediately offered a temporary full-time position at Aon Hewitt
in Lincolnshire in their IT department. After that, I was fortunate enough to land an entry-level
position working for Community High School District 155 where I have now been employed for
almost four years and have recently been promoted.

When I consider that I am able to provide for my family, doing a job that I am passionate about, I
count myself extremely blessed. I will forever be grateful for the Promise Program and those who
paid for my education. I hope to be able to someday give to others the great opportunities that
have been given to me.

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