The Promise Program also helped me jump start my career

Laura M. Ludwick

After receiving my Associates of Arts at MCC, I earned a Medical Billing Certification, Certified
Professional Coding Certification, and a bachelor’s degree in Health and Human Science. I also
am currently about to test for my Illinois Real Estate License. I believe MCC helped me to achieve
all of these degrees/certifications, because MCC taught me just how much I love school. When I
was in high school, I wasn’t very interested in school or learning, but I ended up being in love with
college and still strive to continue learning.

Much has changed since my years at MCC, not only in the way of education, but also life in
general. While at MCC, I was engaged and, in 2012, married my husband Justyn. We bought our
first home in 2013, and we had our first child (daughter) in December 2015.

I currently love my career as a Registrar 2 doing Medical Necessity for Medicare, or in other words,
I code outpatient procedures/surgeries and put them through to see if Medicare will cover them.
I not only believe MCC helped me realize my love for education, but it also introduced the idea
of volunteering. While I was a Promise student, I volunteered at many different places including
Health Partnership Clinic, Helping Paws, and Centegra Health Systems. Before the Promise
Program, I wasn’t very aware of the idea of volunteering and didn’t know all the things you could
do as a volunteer. The Promise Program opened my eyes to this world, and to this day I still
volunteer at animal shelters and constantly donate to them as well. The Promise Program also
helped me jump start my career, as after volunteering for a few months at Centegra, I landed my
first job and have been in healthcare ever since! I thank MCC and The Promise Program for all of
my success.

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