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Adult Literacy Volunteers

Adult literacy volunteers provide instruction in Adult Basic Education (ABE), reading or math, and English as a Second Language (ESL). Volunteers typically work one-on-one with students, in small groups, or as classroom assistants. Volunteers make a tremendous difference in the lives of those learning English or improving their basic reading or math skills. Learn more about the adult literacy program, by calling Marie Day at (815) 455-8542.

We are offering more training this summer

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Can anyone volunteer?

It takes a special adult to be a literacy volunteer – someone who desires to serve others. Besides helping students learn to speak and read a new language, volunteers assist with helping people learn the life skills they need in a new country. Volunteers also help adults increase their education levels, which builds a student's confidence and self esteem. Learn more about being a literacy volunteer.

Become a volunteer

  1. Attend any one of the orientation sessions.
  2. Attend Basic Volunteer Training classes.
  3. Work ten hours in a classroom with an experienced Adult Education instructor.
  4. Qualified candidates will be certified as an Adult Volunteer Literacy tutor.

Did you know?

You don't need teaching experience nor do you need to be able to speak a second language to become a literacy volunteer. Come join us!