Work-Study Employment

Job Title: Accessibility Classroom Aide

Department: Access and Disability Services

Job Description:

   ***THIS IS A STUDENT EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY - students must remain enrolled in a minimum of six (6) credit hours and have a 2.0 GPA to maintain eligibility for the work-study program. Any pending conduct cases may prevent you from being eligible for the work-study program.  If you are unsure of your federal eligibility please email

The classroom aide will provide academic assistance during class meetings of MAT161 for a student who is blind. This may involve performing fine motor tasks such as using lab equipment, manipulating objects, prepping textbooks, reading results, etc., based on class content and abilities of the student. The classroom aide will follow directions from the student requiring assistance and will NOT contribute to the content of the class, nor be responsible for assisting the student in understanding the material. No assistance outside of the classroom, nor assistance that is non-academic in nature, is expected. The assistance will be needed for the student in a class that which will meet Mondays and Wednesdays, 12:30 - 2:20, throughout the Fall 2017 semester.

JOB REQUIREMENTS: Competence with the course content.  Excellent interpersonal and communications skills.

LEARNING OBJECTIVES:  he student will gain expanded exposure to this diverse population and experience in mobility limitations as well as alternative and assistive equipment and technology.

This would be a great opportunity for a student interested in the human or health services area, like OTA, NAE or special education.

Contact Information:

Lili O’Connell
8900 U.S. Highway 14
Crystal lake, IL 60012

Application Instructions:

Please email your resume to: List the position you are applying for in the subject line.
Positions will be posted until filled.

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*Please review the minimum qualifications to ensure you meet these requirements prior to submitting your application. Only applicants meeting the minimums will be considered for an interview opportunity.