Executive Functioning Tutoring

Develop the college skills you need to succeed here and beyond Executive Functioning can be divided into two groups:

  1. Organization: Gathering information, structuring and using it
  2. Regulation: Taking stock of surroundings and changing behavior in response to it

With the help of Executive Functioning Tutors, students can now get concentrated, one-on-one attention, focusing specifically on success skills to help make the transition to college less stressful and more fulfilling. Individual sessions focus on:

  • Time management
  • Study skills, remembering details
  • Multitasking, paying attention, switching focus
  • Prioritizing, planning, organizing
  • Daily problem solving
  • Managing classroom behavior, avoid saying or doing the wrong thing
Making the transition to college can be difficult—even more so for some students with disabilities. Though academically fit, many of these students struggle with executive functioning skills that, left unchecked, can become barriers to a positive college experience. This can affect one’s ability to work, do things independently, and maintain relationships. MCC’s program is free to students with disabilities.