Accounting AAS

About Accounting AAS

The Accounting program lays a foundation for positions in business and industry specifically with accounting and bookkeeping firms, corporations, and governmental agencies.

With your Accounting AAS, you have the background needed to obtain a job in accounting with the possibility of advancing to the junior accountant level.

As an accountant, you may:

  • Help clients report their financial results clearly and accurately
  • Review a company’s financial statements to make sure that they are being presented fairly
  • Talk to controllers, chief financial officers, and others
  • Explore ways to make a resource supply chain more efficient and cost less money
  • Provide tax services, such as preparing tax returns and doing tax planning

Total Costs of Accounting AAS

(in-district) Total Amount: $12,684

Credit Hours to Complete: 69

Weeks to Complete: 80

What you need to know about getting your Accounting AAS (CIP 52.0301)

Total Accounting AAS Costs
in-district out-of-district out-of-state international
Tuition $7,694 $26,093 $32,439 $32,439
Additional Costs $4,990 $4,990 $4,990 $4,990
Program Total $12,684 $31,083 $37,429 $37,429

What makes MCC's Accounting AAS program better than, or distinct from, similar programs at other institutions?

  • MCC's accounting programs are designed to be stackable. A stackable career track provides a pathway for advancement through a career ladder. The pathways are clearly-designed sequences of career-related courses. You can accumulate a sequence of certificates over time to build on your qualifications and to help you to advance along a career path. Stackable credentials assist you in advancing in your career, providing for higher paying jobs, which can lead to a higher standard of living.
  • You'll learn from full-time faculty with over 50 combined years of teaching experience and adjunct instructors working in the accounting field today.

In addition to the Accounting AAS, we offer:

What careers are available to someone with an Accounting AAS

Occupations that Accounting AAS prepares you for
Occupation and Occupational Profile Link SOC Code
Accountants and Auditors 13-2011
Budget Analysts 13-2031
Credit Analysts 13-2041
Financial Examiners 13-2061
Tax Examiners, Collectors, and Revenue Agents 13-2081
Business Teachers, Postsecondary 25-1011

What job opportunities are available to someone with an Accounting AAS?

  • Junior Accountant
  • Staff Accountant
  • Tax Accountant
  • Financial Services Analyst

How will MCC's Accounting AAS program prepare me for my career or connect me to opportunities?

  • Ask about internships with local employers, some paid internships may be available

By the Numbers:

  • Salaries range from$20,170to$81,740in the middle half of accounting occupations
  • Growth is expected to befaster than average through 2026

What have graduates gone on to do?

  • a senior manager at Ernst & Young
  • many students transfer to four-year colleges and sit for the CPA Exam
  • many choose to work locally in accounting firms, manufacturing companies and financial advisory firms

Outside the Classroom

Additional Information

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Semesters to complete assumes students are taking a full-time credit load of 12 credits per semester (the minimum required for federal financial aid).

Proportion of students completing in normal time is the percentage of completers who earned the credential within the specified time of their first enrollment at the College.

Students attending part-time or changing their program of study are two common reasons why they may not complete in "normal" time.

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