Prepare to meet with an advisor

Your academic advisor helps guide you through the academic planning process to keep you organized and focused on your specific educational goals, and to ensure you meet your degree, certificate, or transfer requirements.
  • What do I need to do before I see my advisor?
    • Become familiar with the MCC College Catalog, including policies and procedures.
    • Review degree and certificate program and graduation requirements.
    • View your progress on Student Planning to review your program requirements.
    • Make a list of your questions to bring with you when you meet with an academic advisor.
    • View the course schedule on Student Planning and be prepared to ask questions about course options.
    • Review transfer resources and be prepared to discuss possible majors and transfer school options with an academic advisor.
    • Research your major choices and make a list of questions.
  • What can an academic advisor do for me?
    • Help you plan coursework each semester.
    • Help you choose an appropriate degree or certificate path based on your educational goals.
    • Provide academic progress checks through degree or certificate program evaluations.
    • Inform you of MCC graduation requirements, policies, services and opportunities.
    • Help you with all transfer issues, including exploring transfer options.
    • Provide an unofficial estimate of course equivalencies between colleges.
    • Grant a waiver to bypass a course if you have completed coursework at another institution.
    • Help with alternative credit options (CLEP, proficiency exams, etc.)
    • Provide advice about adding or dropping courses.
    • Direct you to additional resources to help you achieve your goals.

appointment calendar iconSchedule your advising appointment online or contact the Advising Center at or (815) 479-7565 to schedule.

To request a course overload review, download and complete the Course Overload request form.

volunteer icon Meet Your Advising Team

Jim Disrude – Director of Academic Advising

Kristi Broda – Academic Advisor

Leslie Krebs – Academic Advisor

Brandon Santana – Coordinator of Orientation and Academic Advisor

Sam Siewrok – Academic Advisor