Photo of emergency dispatcher and ambulances

Emergency Dispatcher Training

Are you the one keeping your cool when others around you panic? Then you might thrive in a career as a first responder in today's fast-paced multijurisdictional dispatching centers. Prepare to take the National Emergency Communications Certification (NECC) exam with the assistance of an instructor who has over 15 years of experience in public service.

See course dates and register for 911 Emergency Dispatch, Course Code QHC-C21

  • How do I know I'm cut out to be an emergency dispatcher?

    Answer the following questions to help you determine if emergency communications is the career for you.

    • Do you have a clean criminal history?
    • Can you type at least 30 words per minute with few errors?
    • Can you work rotating shifts?
    • Would you like working with police officers, firefighters or paramedics?
    • Do you see yourself as a "people person"?
    • Can you work quickly and make decisions when needed?
    • Would you like working with people in crisis, who are under stress, or who are mentally ill?

    If you answered yes to all these questions, you may enjoy being an emergency dispatcher.

  • How much does the emergency dispatcher program cost?
    The emergency dispatcher course costs $749, which includes the cost of the National Emergency Communications Certification (NECC) exam. High school students pay $400. Course code QHC-C21-001
  • How much do emergency dispatchers earn?
    According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual wage for police, fire, and ambulance dispatchers was $38,870 or $18.69 per hour in May 2016.