Fast Track

Professional certificates and specialized degree programs

The Fast Track offers you the opportunity to earn professional certificates and degrees that will give you the advantage you need when competing in today's workforce. Fast Track programs feature specific and clearly defined course sequence plans to help guide you every step of your academic journey. Classes are conveniently offered in the evenings or online and many are delivered in an eight-week format.

Business Management—Associate in Applied Science (AAS) Degree

Enhance your career or prepare for a management position with a Business Management degree.

Construction Management—Associate in Applied Science (AAS) Degree

Prepare for professional certification tests while earning college credit.

Engineering Technology—Associate in Applied Science (AAS) Degree

Train for in-demand careers like Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) Machine Tool Programmer, Computer-Aided Design (CAD) Technician, or an Automation Engineer.

Industrial Maintenance Technician Certificate

This program will give you a strong foundation and knowledge of a variety of pumps, motors, and motor controls, mechanical drives, preventive/predictive maintenance, hydraulics, pneumatics, and related safety concepts.

Manufacturing Management—Associate in Applied Science (AAS) Degree

Acquire a baseline knowledge of supervisory skills. Develop an understanding of materials, processes, and procedures in a manufacturing facility.

Welding Technician Certificate

Prepare for an entry-level position in welding. MCC has worked closely with local welding-related employers to develop a curriculum to address the type of skill sets that they need to be developed in order to fill vacant positions.

Advanced Welding Technician Certificate

Continue your education to become eligible for specialized welding certifications through the American Welding Society.

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Hear what students have to say

When I enrolled into the construction management program I did not know exactly what to expect and or what my goals were. After the first few classes I started to realize how I was actually enjoying school for the first time in a long time. That made me want to continue on and set a goal to finish the program.

Kyle Berge
Construction Management, AAS, May 2017

I believe that being able to complete the program for engineering technologies will give me an opportunity to expand my knowledge on the subject. Though I am currently working in that field, there are times in which I am able to learn in the classroom what I am not exposed to at work. I feel that it is very important to have an open mind and to take the opportunity to learn other things when it is given to us. This is my opportunity.

Maria Bernal
Engineering Technology, AAS, current student

I’m glad I enrolled in the program because it aligns very well with my future interests and the material I learned is relevant to the position I plan to pursue after graduation. Going through this program has sparked an interest in me, an interest in the construction industry over all. Because of that interest, I plan on seeking additional education in the form of a bachelor’s degree.

Rosendo Diaz
AAS, May 2017

My goal is to learn as much as I can about the manufacturing industries, I am going to school to get my associates degree in Engineering Technology to understand a little bit more of what I do. My dream professional career is to become a very knowledgeable and respectable supervisor for the company I work for. I do feel that with the knowledge that I am learning here at MCC and the experience I have in the field, I can reach my goal.

Alejandrino Garcia
Engineering Technology, AAS, current student

The knowledge gained from this program has been beneficial to me and my department so far, and many of the situations we come across during our projects can be related to topics covered in the classes that are included in this program.

Patrick Sullivan
Construction Management, AAS, current student

By going to MCC for a A.A.S.. in Construction Management I was seeking the confidence and ability to pursue a management position in a landscape architecture firm or the construction industry. Taking classes at MCC not only satisfied my need to pursue intellectual enlightenment, but also delayed the inevitable switching of career.

Luke Baldwin
Construction Management, AAS, May 2017

My intention when I enrolled in A.A.S. Construction program was to get educated on all aspects of the construction field from blueprints to computer software. (….)
My future with AAS Construction degree will put me in a better position, being a professional in my field of work and give me a chance to be leader in the Construction Industry. After my AAS degree I will continue in the construction sector putting my skills and learning to work.

Giacomo Zaccaro
Construction Management, current student

On Average Fast Track Students

received one or more promotions since starting in the program

earned a certificate

earned an associate's degree

employers have been involved in Fast Track programs

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