Associate in Engineering Science

The Associate in Engineering Science (AES) degree allows pre-engineering students to complete a significant portion of fundamental baccalaureate degree courses prior to transfer.

By launching your engineering education at MCC, you’ll earn your degree at a fraction of the cost of a four-year school. In the program, you’ll study theory and conceptual design through a series of higher-level math and science courses including multiple semesters of calculus, calculus-based theoretical science courses, and engineering science, analysis, and design. And because MCC continually assesses our course content, you can be assured you’ll learn the most current, relevant information that fits a broad range of engineering disciplines.

MCC students can also take advantage of a guaranteed transfer agreement with the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign to continue their education after earning their AES. Additional pathways exist for students interested in attending other in-state and out-of-state schools. See engineering transfer planning guides. Speak with an advisor for assistance in selecting the path of study that best fits your interest. 

Graduates of engineering programs often find employment in industry, research and development, conceptual design, and academia.

Sample Semester 1 17 Credit Hours

    COURSE LIST Course Ids: ENG-151,MAT-175,ECO-251,CHM-165,MCC-101

Sample Semester 2 18 Credit Hours

    COURSE LIST Course Ids: ENG-152,MAT-245,PHY-291,Select a Humanities or Fine Arts Course#3 hrs,Select an Elective#3 hrs

Sample Semester 3 16 Credit Hours

    COURSE LIST Course Ids: MAT-255,PHY-292,CSC-121,Select a Social and Behavioral Science Course#3 hrs

Sample Semester 4 12 Credit Hours

    COURSE LIST Course Ids: MAT-260,Select an Engineering Specialty Course#3-5 hrs,Select an Engineering Specialty Course#3-5 hrs,Select an Elective#3hrs

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