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Children's Learning Center

The Children's Learning Center provides:

  • State-licensed child-care center for children 15 months-5 years of age
  • An application process for those interested
  • Lab site for Early Childhood Education students

See us when you:

  • Are interested in receiving child-care
  • Have an interest in working at the Children’s Learning Center
  • Have questions about the application

We offer students, employees, and community members at MCC childcare for their children. Registration is first-come, first-served, with priority registration given to students. Register early – spaces fill up quickly!

Registering is a two-step process:

  1. Complete an application.
  2. Pay registration fees in Registration A258, either in person or over the phone at (815) 455-8588. The Children's Learning Center can not accept payments. Registration fees should be paid once scheduled days and times have been confirmed with the CLC Director.
  • Potty Training

    Children in the Green Room do not have to be potty trained. Diapers are checked and changed every two hours, or more frequently, if needed. Once you have started the potty training process at home, please discuss your strategies with the teachers so that the process can be consistent.

    Children in the preschool program must be potty trained prior to starting. The classroom is not equipped for diaper changing, although we do understand that children sometimes have accidents. In these instances, the teachers will help children to change their clothes, encouraging independence as much as possible.

  • Personal Items

    Every child in the Green and Red Rooms will need diapers, wipes and a change of clothing. For children who are learning to use the toilet, we recommend several changes of clothing. If your child will be here for rest time, you are welcome to bring a favorite blanket or nap toy, although it is not required.

    Every child in the Blue Room will need at least one change of clothing. Additionally, on days specified on the monthly calendar, children will have the opportunity to bring in items for Show and Tell to share with the class.

  • Food

    We provide two snacks and a lunch daily in Green and Red Rooms. No need to bring a sippy cup, we have those available.

    We provide a snack during each preschool session.

    Every child should have allergy information listed on their emergency card so that substitutions can be made where necessary. Food cannot be brought from home unless there is an un-substitutable allergy documented by your child's doctor.

  • Daily Schedules

    The children spend the majority of the day in “centers” where they choose the area and activities that they would like to participate in. They can build in the block area, participate in an art project, or choose another area of interest. Children are able to move freely between centers and can work at their own pace on activities. Here is a detailed breakdown of daily activities.

    The children go outside several times throughout the day year-round, as long as it is not raining and it is between 15 and 96 degrees (including wind chill or heat index). Always dress your child appropriately for the weather.

    We have a scheduled rest time after lunch. Each resting child will be provided with a cot, sheet and blanket. Children who do not nap are to rest quietly on their cots for an hour, per Illinois Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) licensing regulations. They may look at books during that time. Children who fall asleep before or after our scheduled rest time will be given space to rest comfortably and safely within the classroom.

  • Childcare Pricing
    Childcare Pricing
    Room Age Registration Fee
    Hourly Rate Extra Hours Fees Drop-In Fees
    per hour
    Green 15 months to 3 years $25 per semester MCC students $5.75 MCC students $6.25
    MCC employees, community members $6.75 MCC employees, community members $7.25
    Red 2.5 to 6 years $25 per semester MCC students $5.50  MCC students $6
    MCC employees, community members $6.50 MCC employees, community members $7
    Extra Hour Fees
    Should children who are already enrolled and regularly attend need an extra hour of care occasionally, extra hours may be available.
    Drop-In Fees
    Children enrolled with Drop-In status will need to have up-to-date paperwork on file in the CLC. With 24-hours advance notice, children who are enrolled but do not attend on a scheduled basis may be dropped off if space is available, with director approval.

    All arrival and departure is at ten minutes to the hour.

    Please note: There is an additional fee of $3 for lunch if your child is contracted between noon and 1 p.m.

    We charge for your contracted hours, regardless of attendance, because we are saving that space for your child. We mail bills out every four weeks.

  • Preschool Pricing

    Registration fee is $25 per semester.

    Preschool Schedule and Pricing
    Age Days Time Cost per Month
    Three-Year-Olds (Three by September 1, current year) Tuesday and Thursday 9 a.m. to noon $130
    Four-Year-Olds (Four by September 1, current year) Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 9 a.m. to noon $175

You can pay by

  • cash, check, or credit card in the Office of Registration, A258
  • credit card over the phone by calling registration at (815) 455-8588

Not sure how much you owe or have billing questions? Email

Child Care Financial Assistance and Payroll Deductions

If you are a student who receives financial aid, you may be able to use available funds towards your childcare. For more information, contact Financial Aid directly at (815) 455-8761 or see financial aid information.

We accept Child Care Financial Assistance through 4-C (Community Coordinated Child Care). Contact them directly at (800) 848-8727, extension 225. Note that 4-C does not always cover the entire amount we charge, therefore the parent/guardian is responsible for the difference in addition to monthly co-pays and lunches, if applicable.

MCC employees can arrange payroll deductions through the Business office.