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Center for Agrarian Learning

Supporting the future food economy

Food is central to our well-being, our environment, our shared sense of community. Food is also a serious business: the food economy—the growing, distribution, and marketing of food—offers a lot of opportunities for anyone who wants to make a real difference. Whether you're new to farming, or the land has been held by your family for generations, we can help you launch, or diversify, or transition your business. At the Center for Agrarian Learning (CAL), we teach, engage, and inspire entrepreneurs by sharing the latest growing and business practices to keep your farms sustainable, productive.

Agriculture Workshops and Events

We offer agriculture workshops and events for businesses at all stages whether you need help navigating legal issues, identifying what you need to scale up for wholesale markets, or determining when you need a loan to grow your business.

Forefront: Ideas in Food and Farming

The Forefront Speaker Series is intended for farmers, landowners, local food enthusiasts, and anyone interested in the food economy. We're showcasing entrepreneurs who are solving problems with their passion and skills and sharing the how and the why of it all. Free to attend, but registration required.

Entrepreneurial Agriculture Degree and Certificates

The Entrepreneurial Agriculture AAS degree combines food production skills with business and entrepreneurship foundations to equip you with skills and knowledge for running your own farm business, employment in various aspects of the food system, or transferring to a four-year institution to continue your education.