Economics—Associate in Arts (AA) Degree

Economics can be defined in several ways: the study of scarce resources that have alternative uses, the study of how people use scarce resources, or the study of decision making. Any way it is defined, studying economics provides the logical structure that pays off in understanding the big picture and context for entering several fields in the corporate world. Its emphasis on logical thought and problem-solving skills have universal value. Many employers seek to hire graduates with these skills.

In MCC’s Economics program, you’ll learn about the market, trade, business fluctuations, inflation and interest rates, economic growth, global economics, and how governments influence the economy. You will graduate with the skills needed to analyze and evaluate current events, trends, and other issues.

Economics majors are successful in business, law, medicine, government, nonprofits, international relations, and academic roles.

Semester 1 Minimum 16 Credit Hours

    COURSE LIST Course Ids: ENG-151,MAT-161,ECO-251,PSY-151,Select a Humanities Course#3 hrs,MCC-101

Semester 2 Minimum 17 Credit Hours

    COURSE LIST Course Ids: ENG-152,MAT-171,ECO-252,PHI-155,Select a History Course#3 hrs

Semester 3 Minimum 15 Credit Hours

    COURSE LIST Course Ids: SPE-151,MAT-120 | MAT-220,PLT-151,Select a Physical Science Course#3-4 hrs,Select a Fine Arts Course#3 hrs

Semester 4 Minimum 15 Credit Hours

    COURSE LIST Course Ids: PLT-155,PLT-255,PHI-251,Select a Life Science Course#3-4 hrs,Select an Elective#3 hrs

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