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Focus on the Kids

The McHenry County Judges are concerned for the welfare of children of divorce and separation. This class is mandated for any parent in the process of divorce or who is involved in after-divorce proceedings in which there are minor children involved. Parents involved in parentage actions and ordered by the court must also attend. In addition, any adult who is interested in the program may register. The program is designed to minimize conflicts and promote positive communication between parents while providing insight into the impact of divorce/parent separation on children. Parents will learn to set aside their differences to work more collaboratively with the other parent while focusing on supporting and identifying the needs of their child(ren). Parents are reminded that they remain in each other’s lives for as long as they have a child(ren) together and are encouraged to continue using these skills long after divorce or custody litigation has ended.

Designed as a four-hour educational class, Focus on the Kids seeks to assist parents in understanding and responding to the needs of their child(ren) and to help their child(ren) in coping with their feelings. This class is not to provide counseling or legal advice.

All program facilitators are mental health professionals with a master’s degree in the field of mental health or attorneys who specialize in family law cases. All facilitators have extensive experience in dealing with the effects of divorce and separation on minor children.

  • Frequently Asked Questions
    • Parents must successfully complete one four-hour class. Classes are held in person at the Shah Center located at 4100 W. Shamrock Lane in McHenry.
    • Children are not allowed in the class. Please make childcare arrangements.
    • Parents must arrive on time and show proof of ID or they will not be admitted.
    • Following successful completion of the course, parents will receive a certificate of completion from their instructor. Parents must file their certificates with the Court.
    • Contact (815) 479-7591 should you require an accommodation or sign language interpreter.
    • This class is not intended for parents who have a criminal case.
    • To request accommodation of court orders of protection or other scheduling assistance, call (815) 479-7591 or email
    • The registration fee is $90 per person. All major credit/debit cards are accepted. Other forms of payment can be taken at MCC’s Main Campus at the Registration and Records Department at 8900 US. Highway 14 in Crystal Lake (Building A). Register and Pay for Focus on the Kids »
    • If you cancel your registration one business day before the class, we will refund your registration fee in full or apply your fee to another currently scheduled class.
      We will not refund your registration fee if you cancel your registration on or after the class start date. Call Focus on the Kids at (815) 479-7591 or email to cancel or reschedule your registration.
      Due to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, our staff is not allowed to discuss case details or reschedule with anyone except the participant.