Integrated Career and Academic Preparation System (ICAPS) Program

Earn a credit certificate through MCC's ICAPS Program

Have you taken a Bridge class and want to continue on to earn a credit certificate? ICAPS provides support for Adult Education students seeking workforce training for specific occupations. You'll work with two instructors in each class – an Adult Education/ICAPS instructor and an instructor who specializes in your career and technical education program.

Adult Education students who have completed an MCC Bridge class can work towards these credit certificates:

Earn a basic vocational specialist certificate through ICAPS and choose to enter the workforce and/or continue to pursue additional certificates or an associate degree. Additional stackable certifications leading to an Associate of Applied Science Degree are available in most program areas if you wish to continue your studies.

ICAPS Program Eligibility

Must be an MCC Adult Education student who:

  • Is taking GED, ESL, or citizenship classes
  • Tests at an Adult Basic Education level 4 or higher
  • Completed a Bridge class

How to Enroll in the ICAPS Program

Meet with Adult Education staff to register for the ICAPS program.