What is Journalism?

In the simplest terms, it's the sharing of information. Aspects include:

  • television
  • radio
  • film
  • print
  • on-line media

There's a heavy focus on communication as well as pursuit of accurate material.

Credibility is a key component in any of the aspects,
as well as research and a thorough attention to detail

Journalism at MCC

Get started in the world of journalism by taking a variety of classes that focus on writing and written material. You're encouraged to think independently and express your opinion while learning multiple styles and techniques. Develop a solid foundation for future pursuits in this ever-changing field.

What can I do in journalism?

Almost anything! Journalism is an incredibly broad area that allows you to study many different ideals, exposing you to unique possibilities. You may have an area in mind or, something in class may spark an interest. In fact, the opportunities in the field of journalism are limitless. Mass media (arguably a synonym for journalism) is so encompassing, that you'll be surprised at how often journalism touches our everyday lives.

Careers in Journalism

Want to be a &#8230 newspaper reporter? sports anchor? radio deejay? entertainment writer? How about a film critic? Want your own website? Thinking about working in television or behind the scenes for a movie?

Journalism can lead down a path to public relations in any company. Business managers and executives blossom with a background in journalistic concepts. Even teachers and educators benefit from an understanding of communication (a major component in journalism). How do you think scientists get to study their chosen fields in more detail? They publish their findings and write articles on those subjects. Even doctors, lawyers, accountants, and other professions need to share information… which is journalism in its basic form. In fact, there is hardly a career choice that won't benefit from some understanding of journalism.


William Randolph Hearst was the founder of The San Francisco Examiner.

Joseph Pulitzer is whose name is on the prize given annually for the best journalistic contributions.

Even the founding father Benjamin Franklin, who was most likely the original American journalist, started his paper The Pennsylvania Gazette in the 1730s.

broadcastersFamous Broadcasters

Edward R. Murrow, Walter Cronkite, Ted Koppel, and Dan Rather shaped the American news industry.