Student Mentoring

Building Meaningful Relationships Leading to Student Success

MCC's mentoring program creates an opportunity to build a one-on-one mentoring relationship with a faculty/staff/expert in your intended field of interest. You'll establish valuable professional relationships and develop a supportive network. See the Student Mentor Program Handbook for details. 

  • How long will I be involved in the mentoring program?

    The mentoring program is built for a two-year commitment. However, we understand that life happens and you may not be able to commit for two-years. And that's okay, we're just happy to give you the support you need for how ever long you need it.

  • How is mentoring incentivized?

    Mentees will receive an increment of $50 dollars to The MCC Store at the end of each semester that they participate in. For example, Fall 2020 you will receive $50, Spring 2021 you will receive $100 and so on. As a reminder, your incentive is based on your achievement of your program requirements, so if you only achieved 50% of your program requirements for the first semester, you will only receive $25 dollars.

    Mentees Program Requirements include:

    • Meeting with their mentor at least five times during the semester
    • Maintaining or improving their grade point average
    • Meeting a retention goal and a course completion goal
    • Attending two Student Success Workshops
    • Attending a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) event/workshop
    • Completing Career Coach/attending a Career Service event/workshop
    • Working to achieve your identified S.M.A.R.T. goal

    At the end of the semester that you plan to graduate, you'll continue working with your mentor and will still have to meet program requirements to receive your incentive. The semester you graduate from MCC, you'll receive a $250 Amazon or $250 MCC Store gift card as your parting incentive.

  • How am I matched with a mentor?

    We partner up a mentee with their mentor by the mentee's major interest and the Mentor's expertise. If there is not an instant match up by major, we start to dive into similar interests or hobbies.

  • What if I have a mentor in mind, but I'm unsure if they're a mentor for the program?

    Contact successcoach@mchenry.edu about the mentor you have in mind along with your application. We're happy to communicate with them about being a mentor for the mentoring program. Being a mentor is just as much as a commitment as being a mentee, so please do not feel offended if the mentor you had in mind is not able to commit. There are many mentors available currently who are eager to help you succeed.

  • How do I communicate with my mentor?

    Each mentoring relationship will be unique to accommodate both parties. In your first meeting, you and your mentor are to determine the best platform that works for both of you to continue the mentoring relationship throughout the semester. We want to be accommodating to our online students who do not have the opportunity to be on-campus often, so using platforms like Zoom, Texting, Phone calls, and Emails are also an option depending on your comfort with providing your mentor with your personal information and vice versa.

    The mentoring program handbook states you have to meet with your mentor a minimum of, but not limited to, five times per semester. These meetings can be in-person, via Zoom or phone.

  • Does the mentoring program continue into the summer?

    You will have to determine that with your mentor. Depending on your and your mentor's availability or preference, you both can continue the mentorship relationship over the summer or winter breaks. However, Mentees will not get incentives for those semesters. Active semesters are just Fall and Spring.

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Christina and student mentee
Rustam Saini and student mentee