FAQs about the Sage Learning Center

  • How do I get tutoring?

    All Sage Learning Center services are offered online. To access tutoring services and resources, please enroll in the relevant Canvas course (descriptions below). Canvas courses contain links to group tutoring (via Zoom), the opportunity to schedule one-on-one online appointments, and links to subject-specific online resources.

    Sage Online Tutoring – access group tutoring and resources for math, physics, chemistry, and Spanish.

    Biology Open Lab – access group tutoring for biology, view lab practical video tutorials, and find other online resources related to biology classes.

    Accounting Tutor Shell – post questions related to accounting and/or privately message an accounting tutor.

    Sage Online Writing Lab – submit a paper for feedback, schedule a one-on-one appointment with a writing tutor, and explore an expanded library of online resources.

    If you have further questions about the move online or want to request additional services, contact Tawnja Trimble at (224) 760-8001 or ttrimble@mchenry.edu.

  • Who can use the Sage Learning Center (SLC)?

    You must be registered in an MCC credit course and registered in the class for which you wish to receive tutoring.

    • The subjects we tutor are accounting, chemistry, math, physics, Spanish, and writing.
    • Individual subject times vary.
  • Is writing and math tutoring for English and math classes only?
    • Our writing tutors will assist you with any written assignments (outlines, essays, speeches, Power Points, etc.) for any course. We will also assist registered students with resumes, cover letters, and college application essays.
    • Our math tutors will assist only students registered in MCC math courses. This does not include business math.
    • However, our chemistry and physics tutors will help students who are registered in those courses with math-related questions.
  • Can SLC tutors help me with quizzes, tests, and preparing for placement tests?

    Absolutely not. Helping someone would defeat the purpose of the quizzes and tests. Placement test are taken in the Testing Center in A245.

  • Can I get help with study skills, test-taking strategies, or project management?

    When you need help with…

    • Study Skills
    • Test-Taking Strategies
    • Project Management
    • Writing Assignments
    • Content Mastery

    …contact Allison Haas (815) 687-2118 or Amanda Baudin (815) 687-2017

  • Does the Student Code of Conduct also apply to SLC?
    • Yes, without exception. Sage Learning Center observes the MCC Student Code of Conduct. Furthermore, the specific SLC rules are backed by the administration of this college.
    • A student who breaks a rule could be asked to leave the tutoring center. For a serious infraction, a student incident report will be filed and the Dean of Academic Development will investigate the complaint. This could result in a student losing access to the Sage Learning Center.

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