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"I first took the placement test a few weeks ago and did not score high enough to get into classes I needed. Therefore, I used the Accuplacer practice testing program to assist me in my studies to achieve a better score. In the end I was able to score 3 points higher on my writing score and around a 20-point difference with my reading. So I encourage people to study off of the Accuplacer app to help improve your scores."
- T. Guidiño

Important information you should know about English placement testing:

You aren't required to take an English placement test if you received:

  • ACT 19 or higher in English and 19 or higher in Reading or
  • SAT (pre-2016) composite reading and writing score of 990 or writing score of 490 or higher
  • SAT (2016 or later) composite reading and writing score of 480

Scores are valid for five years from test date. If you don't know which placement tests you should take, please consult an advisor.

  • The English placement test includes an essay and a reading comprehension section and it begins with a tutorial that explains how to take the test.
    • You'll read a short passage and a related question using a tool called WritePlacer. Then, you'll be asked to answer the question in a multi-paragraph essay (300 - 600 words) with no time limit. WritePlacer will grade your essay based the following characteristics: purpose and focus, organization and structure, development and support, sentence variety and style, mechanical conventions, and critical thinking.
    • The reading comprehension test consists of 20 multiple-choice questions. There is no time limit.
  • We administer placement tests in the Testing Center during regular business hours. Schedule your English placement test
  • You can retake the English placement test to achieve a higher score for free. We do request a 24 hour waiting period.
  • MCC can provide accommodations for eligible incoming students for placement testing. Contact Access and Disabilities.

Prepare for your English Placement Test


We use a combination of reading score and WritePlacer score to determine placement.
Reading Score (200-300)
225 and below 226-236 237-250 251+
WritePlacer Score (1-8) 1-2 Automatic retest Automatic retest Automatic retest Automatic retest
3 Automatic retest Automatic retest ENG 095
if ESL, then ENG 097
ENG 095
if ESL, then ENG 097
4 Automatic retest ENG 095
if ESL, then ENG 097
ENG 095
if ESL, then ENG 097
ENG 151
5 Automatic retest ENG 095
if ESL, then ENG 097
ENG 151 ENG 151
6+ Automatic retest ENG 151 ENG 151 ENG 151
MCC Reading Placement (Score Range 200-300)
Score Course
0-225 Retest required
226-236 RDG 090
237-250 RDG 110
251+ No reading required

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