Start a Student Organization

Interested in getting involved, but don't see an organization that interests you?  Visit Student Life to talk about starting a new student organization. Starting an organization is a great way to explore your interests, gain interpersonal skills and make new friends who share your interests. 

  • I want to start a new student organization. How do I get started?
    1. Review the current list of student organizations on campus to ensure one hasn't already been founded
    2. Find interested students and an advisor
    3. Complete the New Student Organization Proposal
    4. Schedule a time to meet with Student life for approval and guidance
  • What else should I know about starting a new student organization?
    • When you gather for meetings, socials, dances, service projects, community service, as an organization, you are representing the College. Keep this in mind during all activities and maintain a professional demeanor.
    • All members of a student organization who have been chosen, delegated, or elected into a leadership role within the organization must have a minimum of a cumulative GPA of 2.5 the semester before, during, and after the tenure of your role within the organization.
    • No organization members may obligate or commit the College in any way without discussing the matter with your advisor and/or the Coordinator of Student Life.

See the Student Organization Handbook

Email or call (815) 455-8550 for assistance.