Theatre—Associate in Arts (AA) Degree

Do you dream of seeing your name up in lights?

Explore the exciting world of theatre through MCC’s courses on acting, character analysis, scene preparation and construction, theatre design, costuming, lighting, and more!

You’ll start by learning about theatre as an art form as you dive into the great plays and playwrights of history. The program’s well-rounded curriculum covers the essential components of acting as well as the technical aspects of set design, props, and costuming. And you’ll have several opportunities to put your newfound skills to work in the College’s on-campus Black Box Theatre which operates public productions two to four times each year.

A degree in theatre also provides highly desirable skills that can transfer to a variety of careers including education, sales, consulting, communication, law, politics, and nonprofits.

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Sample Semester 1 14 Credit Hours

    COURSE LIST Course Ids: ENG-151#3 hrs,Select a Mathematics Course#3-4 hrs,SOC-151#3 hrs,THE-151#3 hrs,THE-153#1 hr,MCC-101#1 hr

Sample Semester 2 16 Credit Hours

    COURSE LIST Course Ids: ENG-152#3 hrs,JRN-180#3 hrs,THE-157#3 hrs,THE-153#3 hrs,Select a Physical Science Course#3-4 hrs,Select a Social and Behavioral Science Course#3 hrs

Sample Semester 3 16 Credit Hours

    COURSE LIST Course Ids: SPE-151#3 hrs,THE-153#3 hrs,PSY-151#3 hrs,PHI-151#3 hrs,Select a Life Science Course#3-4 hrs,Select an Elective#3 hrs

Sample Semester 4 16 Credit Hours

    COURSE LIST Course Ids: THE-158#3 hrs,PSY-275#3 hrs,THE-153#3 hrs,Select a Literature Course#3 hrs,Select an Elective#3 hrs,Select an Elective#3 hrs

Career Outlook

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