Register for Access and Disability Services

How to Register to Obtain Accommodations

  1. Schedule your intake appointment: Stop into A256 or call (815) 455-8766 to schedule your intake appointment with an ADS staff member. This meeting is a conversation to get to know you, your diagnosis, and how it impacts you.
  2. Provide documentation of your diagnosis to ADS.

How to Transition to College

Important differences between disability services in high school and college

High School


School identifies students with disabilities.

Student must self-identify as a student with a disability to the designated office.

School must provide an assessment of disability.

Student must provide documentation of diagnosis to the designated office.

Parent/guardian are involved in the process and notified of progress.

Student has the right to confidentiality.

School develops IEP or 504 plan.

Student requests and gets approved for specific accommodations.

School guarantees success. Modifications are made to the curriculum at times to reach success.

School guarantees access. Students must meet the same course objectives as all students.

Case manager notifies teachers and coordinates use of accommodations.

Student must communicate with instructors and designated office to coordinate accommodations.

Current Students

  • Eligible students may request support services each semester by submitting an Accommodations Request Form.
  • You may request academic tutoring and Academic Support Coaching at the beginning of each semester by submitting a Tutoring Request Form.
  • We highly recommend that you discuss accommodations with your instructor(s).