About Access and Disability Services (ADS)

What accommodations are available to me?

ADS staff uses the documentation and the information that you provide in your intake appointment to determine the accommodations that you're eligible for. As an eligible student, you'll need to complete the Accommodations Request Form each semester. We highly recommend that you discuss accommodations with your instructor(s). See a list of common accommodations and descriptions below. This list is not comprehensive. Accommodations are approved on an individualized basis.

  • Accessibility Aide

    If you have limited mobility and/or low vision, you may be eligible for an aide in the classroom. Request an aide before the semester begins.

  • Alternative Textbook Formats

    If you're eligible for alternative textbook formats, you need to see the Coordinator of Accommodations to determine an appropriate method of text conversion. You must provide the syllabus for the course and proof that you have purchased the required text book.

  • Assistive Equipment and Technology

    We offer a variety of assistive equipment and technology for eligible students. Contact the Access and Disability Coordinator of Accommodations at (815) 479-7839 to learn more.

  • Extended Testing Time

    If you would like to use this accommodation on test/quizzes, you should notify your instructor as soon as possible and discuss an arrangement to take the test. Keep this in mind:

    • You can request extended time for online tests/quizzes. Contact your instructor to extend time through Canvas.
    • Talk with your instructor about when you should take the quiz/test given your schedule and the class requirements.
    • You'll take your test in the Testing Center, Room A245, unless you and your instructor agree upon another arrangement.
  • Note Takers

    Use of the note taker accommodation is dependent on the course. Alternatives to a note taker include the use of technology such as laptops, recording devices, or Livescribe pens, getting a copy of faculty slides, or group note taking. After a couple of sessions, you should determine if a note taker is needed. It is your responsibility to request and find a note taker. Occasionally, you may need the assistance of the instructor when arranging for a note taker. The instructor can make an announcement that a note taker is needed.

    Once you find a note taker, that person needs to stop by the ADS office to complete the proper paperwork to be paid at the end of the semester. Special note taking paper is always available in A260. In some cases it is not convenient to use this paper, so the notes may be copied in the ADS office. If you have difficulty finding a note taker, notify an ADS staff member so that we may assist in finding a note taker or arranging for a reasonable alternative.

  • Sign Language Interpreter

    If you're Deaf or hard of hearing, you may request a sign language interpreter for classes, tutoring, and college activities outside the classroom by completing the Sign Language Interpreter Request Form ».

    Reach the lead interpreter at (815) 479-7512 or (815) 261-0098 (VP).

  • Test Readers and Private Testing

    We provide test readers and private testing in the Access and Disability Services area. Make an appointment 24 hours in advance through Registerblast.


As an additional service, we provide tutoring. Tutors offer weekly appointments for many MCC courses but we cannot guarantee tutoring for all classes. You may request academic tutoring and Academic Support Coaching at the beginning of each semester by submitting a Tutoring Request Form. If you request tutoring, you'll be expected to attend weekly meetings with your tutor. Reach tutors at (815) 479-7639.

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